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    Planning and realization of applications

Assembly and commissioning

The final implementation is done in two steps: the project is realised and then put into operation in the actual place.

Assembly of the system at the supplier

In case of complex projects, the

  • final design
  • order of the mechanical, electrical and optical parts
  • assembly of all components
  • programming of the application is done now.

Please observe the delivery times for special industrial image processing components. High-quality optical measuring lenses and telecentric optics, as well as special lighting in particular sizes or particular light colours may be subject to slightly longer delivery times. These need to be clarified and taken into account. The development of a programmed software interface and more specific test algorithms, too, can also take longer unsuspectedly.

Commissioning of the machine vision solution

The next steps at the customer site:

  • installation of the mechanical and electrical system and the connection of the module to all important supply lines, such as compressed air, electricity, etc.
  • The mechanical setup of the vision system includes corrections to the camera positions and the final adjustment of the optics. They should be permanently secured using fastening screws and additional fixing measures, such as shrink tubes or adhesive tape, against getting out of adjustment or subsequent loosening and vibrations.
  • All interfaces, such as digital inputs and outputs, initiators for triggering, the communication to the PLC, robots, linear axes, mainframe computers, database systems, etc. are checked.
  • First, system tests in manual and automatic operation are conducted using a workpiece variation in smaller quantities.
  • Real series parts which were not yet available for the feasibility study and programming are now used to teach, parameterise and fine-tune the system.
  • In the final phase, good and bad images and the evaluation of the test results should be recorded in detail.

Completion of the project

It is carried out by means of the final acceptance of the system by the end customer. Maybe a list of deficiencies is defined for reworking in the acceptance certificate. The documentation is made available and the operators are trained.

The warranty phase of the system becomes effective now, the system will enter into service.

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