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Camera Sensor Database

Today there are more sensors than ever before. An overview of the most important CMOS & CCD sensors and possible camera models can be found here. The data helps you to find a camera with suitable resolution and frame rate or to calculate optical characteristics such as working distance and focal length.

Hints for searching

Sucessful search

Simply combine any three search texts, it is NOT important in which input field which character string is written. You can narrow down your search by prefixing tags, e.g. "fps: nn" searches cameras with nn frames per second. The three search entries can even search together in a single character string. Try it out and have fun with the real-time search across all fields!

How is the information described?

The camera model information is described very compactly.

  • "VCXG-02 C/M": This is a monochrome camera "VCXG-02 M" and a colour camera "VCXG-02 C"
  • "uEye U3/UI-3240CP/ML": This could be the U3-3240CP, UI-3240CP, but also the U3-3240ML and UI-3240ML using the same sensor model.

Expert search tips

  • Because of this compact camera notification, it is best to split the key string information across two search input fields. Search string 1 ="uEye" and search string 2 ="3240" could be a good choice.
  • The search engine ignores characters like [ or ], also ", because they are used in the java script code. Search for "USB3", but not for "[USB3]"
  • Most features listed are with some prefixes. Search for "x: 20" for a camera with a x resolution of 20.... pixels, or search for "mpix: 20" for a camera with 20... mega pixels.
  • Sorry for that: The search works also in the hyperlink strings. The search results are not especially marked, but listed.

Included sensors

Global Shutter CMOS sensors

  • Gpixel GMAX and GSENSE
  • LUXIMA Lux
  • ON Semi Python, ON Semi XGS, ON Semi Vita & Lupa, typical ON Semi AR & MT9
  • Sony Pregius Gen1, 2, 3 , 4 and Polarsens
  • Teledyne e2v Lince, Emerald, Ruby & Sapphire

Rolling shutter CMOS sensors

  • Gpixel GSENSE
  • typically used ON Semi AR & MT9 models
  • Photonfocus
  • Sony STARVIS
  • Teledyne e2v Lince, Ruby & Sapphire

Included CCD Sensors

  • ON Semi Truesense KAI
  • Sony ICX

Included SWIR and LWIR sensors

Some models from
  • Chunghwa
  • Lynred (Sofradir)
  • SONY IMX SWIR Series

Listed camera series

Industrial cameras

Search now also for the most important industrial camera models from:
  • Allied Vision: Alvium, Bonito, Mako, Manta, Prosilica GT, Bonito Pro
  • Basler: Ace2 Basic, ace 2 Pro, ace Classic, ace U, ace L, boost, beat, pulse
  • Baumer: CX series, EX series, LX series, QX series
  • Flir: Blackfly, Oryx
  • IDS: uEye families U3/UI, sowie GV/UI
  • JAI: GO, Spark
  • Lumenera: Series Lt
  • Matrix Vision: mvBlueFOX3, mvBlueCOUGAR
  • Optronis: Cyclone, CP, CL, Sprinter, CR
  • Teledyne Dalsa: Nano 1G, Nano 5G, Nano CL, Nano CXP, Genie TS, Falcon4
  • The Imaging Source: Series 38, 37, 33, 23
  • Vieworks: series VP, VN, VNP, VC, VX

Not listed:
  • Obsolete or hardly available CCD-based cameras of the respective camera families
  • Outdated USB 2.0 or analog cameras etc.
  • boardlevel cameras
  • Line scan cameras
  • Security cameras

  • CMOS Global Shutter

  • CMOS Rolling Shutter

  • CCD Sensors

  • SWIR & LWIR Sensors

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