Camera Sensor Database

Today there are more sensors than ever before. An overview of the most important CMOS sensors and possible camera models can be found here. The data helps you to find a camera with suitable resolution and frame rate or to calculate optical characteristics such as working distance and focal length.

Hints for searching:

Search: Simply combine any three search texts, it is NOT important in which input field which character string is written. You can narrow down your search by prefixing tags, e.g. "fps: nn" searches cameras with nn frames per second. The three search entries can even search together in a single character string. Try it out and have fun with the real-time search across all fields!
  • Global Shutter CMOS Sensors

    Included sensors: CMOSIS CMV; LUXIMA Lux; ON Semi Python, XGS, Vita & Lupa; typical ON Semi AR & MT9; Sony Pregius Gen1, 2, 3 , 4 and Polarsens; Teledyne e2v Lince, Emerald, Ruby & Sapphire; Gpixel GMAX and GSENSE
  • Rolling Shutter CMOS Sensors

    Included sensors: Gpixel GSENSE; typical ON Semi AR & MT9, Sony STARVIS ; Teledyne e2v Lince, Ruby & Sapphire
  • CCD Sensors

    Included sensors: Sony ICX

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