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Calculating the illuminated image region (FOV)

In a large number of machine vision applications, LED illumination is used today. Typical radiation angles of an LED are mostly around 30 degrees, in special cases up to 120 degrees. The larger the radiation angle, the larger the illuminated object region. The illumination intensity, however, decreases as a function of working distance and aperture angle. LED illumination with widely radiating characteristics is often used in case of close working distances, not in order to illuminate large regions.

The following calculations apply to a dot-shaped light source, the actual size of the illumination is not considered!

Evaluation of light beam size industrial illumination

Note: Even when using the drop-down lists own values can be entered. Please use the first entry "user def."!

Angle of radiation led:
Working distance of light source in mm:

Approx. diameter of light spot
of point light source:
Area in square meters:

Attention: Please explicitly observe the data sheets of the illumination manufacturers about the homogeneity of the light dot and the reduction of the illumination intensity towards the margin!

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