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Lens calculator - Calculating the depth of field (DOF)

The depth of field (DOF) is the range within which the object can move away from or towards the camera without resulting in a blurred image. The depth of field depends on the adjusted lens aperture, the distance to the test object, the focal length and the pixel size of the camera. the double pixel size is often set taken permissible unsharpness, i.e. one pixel image unsharpness is accepted.

In an existing system, the field of depth can only be varied by means of the aperture of the lens.

Calculation of depth of field

Note: Even when using the drop-down lists own values can be entered. Please use the first entry "user def."!

Circle of confusion :
Focal length of lens:
Aperture of the lens:
Working distance in millimeters:

Imaging scale:
Effective f-stop number:
Hyperfocal distance for lens + f-stop number:
Near distance for depth of field:
Far distance for acceptable depth of field:
Total depth of field:

Further details on optical calculations can be found in chapter Optical basics.
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