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    Planning and realization of applications

Specification of the machine vision application -The specification sheet

Prior to the final realisation, a number of issues must be clarified. An accurate pre-evaluation helps the consumer as well as the system integrator to be secure from surprises and disappointments. After compiling the requirements specification and conducting laboratory or field tests, a tender is written. The resulting specification sheet describes the terms of reference in detail and the solution provided by the systems trader. Any mechanically required aspects have to be discussed in detail, too. Very often some tasks are performed by the customer or another partner. The cooperation of both parties should also be defined in detail. In case of in-house implementations of image processing applications, too, a simplified specification will help you to plan the system.

Typical details in specifications for image processing applications

  • General information about the company, contact person, available resources, deadlines
  • Description of the terms of reference
  • Description of the test object, the critical features and variety
  • Required measuring accuracy of the machine vision system
  • Required signals and data interfaces
  • Used signals and needed communication interfaces
  • Hardware requirements, cable lengths, control cabinets, etc.
  • Additional services, such as test arrangement, training, documentation

A specification sheet (pdf file) for download can be found in chapter "Service" of this website.

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