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Calculating return of investment for image processing systems

The use of machine vision systems for quality control is often economically worthwhile. One effect is the reduction of personnel costs. But also by the reliable detection of bad parts, unnecessary additional manufacturing steps, additional material costs, machine times in subsequent processes, packaging costs and reclamation costs etc. are avoided.

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Produced parts per minute:
Production hours per day:
Production days per week:
Wastage in percent:
Follow-up costs (material, production, packaging, shipping, customer returns) per part (€,$,£):
Hourly rate for human quality control (€,$,£):
Alternatively: total costs vision system

Costs without machine vision:
Total amount of parts per year:
Rejected parts per year:
Loss caused by follow-up costs of bad
or undetected parts per year:
Labour costs for inspection per year:

Calculation return on investment: months to amortisation
Amortisation > follow-up-, material- or packaging costs:
Amortisation > labour costs:
Combined amortisation:

Note: Further information on assessment schemes for selecting a supplier and return on investment can be found in chapter "Return on investment for image processing systems".

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