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    Industrial Machine Vision

Why industrial machine vision?

The industrial production of goods is subject to strong international competition today. Rationalisation, ever faster innovation cycles of products and a high degree of mechanisation of work processes dominate the scene in manufacturing companies.

Increasing quality requirements and falling prices had the consequence that the production processes had to be optimised and that parts must be checked preferably by 100% while the production speeds rise.

Industrial machine vision usually provides the most effective and economical solutions for these problems:

  • Industrial machine vision works with the cycle rate of the production plant, allowing for 100% machine utilisation. Production downtime is minimised in this way.
  • 100% quality control. Guaranteed quality is a decisive buying and pricing point towards your customers.
  • Best workload for human resources. Your production gets more efficient and therefore more economical.
  • Flexible systems allow for a very fast conversion of the production. Changeover times are minimised.
  • Your delivery reliability increases. Downtime at your customers is prevented in this way.

The use of industrial machine vision eventually gives you a decisive competitive edge!

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