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    Industrial Machine Vision

Why this website?

The practice for the user is often much more complicated:

  • Each new inspection task in machine vision requires careful matching of the components.
  • Because of the diverse application tasks, a market with a variety of image processing components and software packages has developed.
  • The weakest link in the complex processing and functional chain of machine vision components limits the overall performance. The use of an inappropriate component (such as a "cheap" lens on a high-quality camera) can put a question mark over the functionality and thus the total investment.

The aim of this website is:

  • to provide an overview of the necessary imaging components
  • to provide the necessary fundamentals that are important for understanding
  • to enable the reader to professionally design machine vision solutions
  • to give practical tips for robust, long-term use of machine vision in industrial production

Complicated mathematical formulas and scientifically precise definitions are purposely avoided for better comprehensibility. This website is made for the practical user who does not have specialised or expert knowledge, who does not want to deal academically with industrial image processing, but who would like to solve their daily problems in quality assurance.

And now, please enjoy!

Lars Fermum

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