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Return on investment for image processing systems

Even in case of high capital expenditure it becomes obvious that an image processing system can quickly pay itself off.

A static investment appraisal

  • considers a cost comparison
  • draws a profit comparison
  • examines the profitability
  • calculates the time of amortisation

A dynamic profitability calculation includes parameters such as capital value, rate of return and annuities. The value of benefit of the system should also be considered, as economic, legal, technical and social reasons can also be decisive for the implementation of the project.

The investment could also affect other corporate departments: fewer complaints and expensive part returns from end-users will cause a reduction of repair costs, an increase in productivity, but also a general reputation of reliability of your company. Highly automated test systems are often shown during plant tours in order to demonstrate how advanced the company is compared to any competitors. A good business relationship is always associated with customer trust!

The assessment scheme for selecting a supplier

should include not only such traditional economic calculations, but also some other parameters:

  • Is the requested scope of services completely or only partially available?
  • Feasibility study done?
  • Were errors found in samples parts?
  • Presentation, concept and planning
  • Delivery time for a complete system from planning to acceptance
  • Quality of documentation
  • Staff training
  • General warranty period and goodwill beyond it
  • Assessment of the customer service: response time, flexibility
  • 24-hour emergency service, remote maintenance via on-line service?
  • Company size and financial standing
  • How long has the company already been active on the market?
  • Operability and maintainability of the system in daily use
  • What software / hardware platform is used?
  • Which interfaces to peripheral equipment are available?

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