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Area scan cameras

Area scan cameras are used in the majority of applications for the image acquisition. The sensor used in the camera has a large matrix of image pixels so that a usual two-dimensional image can be generated in one exposure cycle.

Area scan camera variants

Depending on the sensor used, various detector characteristics can be used for area scan cameras:

Typical features of area scan cameras

  • Different resolutions from VGA resolution to 29 megapixels and more
  • Cameras for the visible range of light as monochrome sensor or colour sensor in order to detect shades of grey or colour information
  • Cameras for infrared wavelength ranges, e.g. using InGaS sensors for the detection of infrared radiation (also called thermal imaging cameras)
  • UV-sensitive camera technologies
  • Technical features like different image refresh rates, sensitivity, pixel sizes, noise behaviour, selection and trigger modes, etc.

In the chapter "Area scan cameras", which you read at the moment, the differences of the various area scan camera variants are explained.

Information on general technical characteristics of cameras and sensors can be found in section " Camera technology basics".

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